Black Powder Cartridge Rifle


2017 Match Schedule

The 2017 Kentucky BPCR Season is starting to take shape. We’re tweaking the schedule to encourage more practice sessions and match participation. Our monthly matches will be held on their traditional date which is the fourth Saturday of every month. This year, we’ve gone ahead and booked every fourth Saturday starting in January! If weather permits, we’re planning on staging a couple of fun/practice/load development matches in January and February. These will be held from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on January 28th & February 25th. These are FREE organized practice matches – a notice will be sent out to all shooters on our mailing list on the Wednesday before each Practice Match as we’ll have a better idea of range conditions at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: January & February practice matches are tentative and weather permitting only!

There will be 3 Registered Matches this year:

  1. April: 80-shot, two-day aggregate. Kentucky Spring Challenge: NRA Registration # 2017146164
  2. June: 80-shot, two-day aggregate. NRA Ohio Valley Regional: NRA Registration #2017146165
  3. August: 80-shot, two-day aggregate. KY State Championship: NRA Registration #2017146166


KY BPCR 2017 Match Dates

March Practice: Friday 3/24

March 40 shot match 3/25

 April Practice Dates: Saturday 4/8 & Friday 4/21
Saturday April 8: 22 BPCRA

 Kentucky Spring Challenge: 4/22-4/23

May Practice Dates: Saturday 5/23 & Friday 5/26
Saturday May 13: 22 BPCRA

May 40 shot match 5/27

June Practice Dates: Saturday 6/10 & Friday 6/23
Saturday June 10: 22 BPCRA

SE 22 BPCRA Regional
6/23 | 60-Round Match
NRA Ohio Valley Regional Championship
6/24-25 | 80-Round Match
Register Here

July Practice Dates: Saturday 7/8 & Friday 7/21
Saturday July 8: 22 BPCRA

July 40 shot match 7/22

August Practice Dates: Saturday 8/12 & Friday 8/25
Saturday August 12: 22 BPCRA

Kentucky State 22 Championship
8/25 | 60-Round Match
Kentucky State Championship Match

8/26-27 | 80-Round Match

September Practice Dates: Saturday 9/9 & Friday 9/22
Saturday September 9: 22 BPCRA

September 40 Shot Match 9/23

October Practice Dates: Saturday 10/14 & Friday 10/27
Saturday October 14: 22 BPCRA

October 40 Shot Match 10/28

November Practice Dates: Saturday 11/11 & Friday 11/24
Saturday November 11: 22 BPCRA

November 40 Shot Match 11/25 (Based on Participation)

On the match days, shooter registration will begin at 8 AM. A shooter’s meeting will be held at 9 am with the match following the shooter’s meeting. 2017 Monthly Match fee is $25.00/Day + $5.00/Day for Lunch (Optional). Monthly 22BPCRA Fee is: $10.00; NRA & BPCRA rules apply; Ear, Eye Protection, and Open Breech Block Indicators required. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and enjoying another great shooting season.




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