Pistol Division Shoot

 pistol div header
Contact Information:  Chester Napier 304-633-5018
Pistol Division Competition
each Tuesday beginning at 6:00pm 
at the NEKFGA Clubhouse Pistol Range.
  The scoring will include time and accuracy.  
The course will consist of 2 strings of  6 targets to be shot thru twice with a mag change.

Currently we are using the following divisions:  
CFL--center fire limited
RFL-- rim fire limited
RFO--rim fire open
(Limited is iron sights and open is optic sight)
When a fifth Tuesday occurs, there will be a three gun match. 
The 3-gun will consist of the following:
2 shots with a lever action rifle
12 shots (6, mag change and 6 shots) with your usual pistol
2 shots with a shotgun.  

Come out and join in the fun!