Happy New Year

2024 looks to be another busy year for Northeastern Kentucky Fish and Game.  We have some special events planned.  Like a Club Open House the first Saturday in May . Special visitors coming to the club. Like the Boy Scouts the last weekend in April. And a changing landscape due to development in Long Shot Road area beyond the BPCR/PRS range, road work and steps to work toward opening additional ranges and facilities for member use.  
Our Club President Carl Beatty let us know about these possibilities in recent articles and emails.  The articles can be found posted here on our website. Check them out if you have not read them.

Of course let us not forget our weekly and monthly events our division leaders work to organize for us.  Attending these events can increase our enjoyment and knowledge of the club. Check our club calendar posted in link above for up to date scheduled events.

Let's keep these events and possibilities in mind and let's make 2024 great!

2024 Membership Renewals 
are DUE January 1, 2024 and remain $75 again this year. 
A $10 late fee will be added to any dues not paid by the first Saturday in March.
Dues can be paid at any Club Meeting/New Member Orientations or by mailing to:
ATTN: Membership Director
PO Box 5061
Ashland KY 41105
Please include updated contact information and gate card number {last 4 digits of the number in lower left hand corner of your gate card} for all cards issued to you. 

If you have any further questions regarding your membership contact us at 606-928-4448 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you know of anyone that is or might be interested in becoming a NEKFGA member we will still be holding New Member Orientations at noon every month on the first Saturday. Printable application and further details of the application process can be found on Membership tab at the top of this page.
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Be careful out there and let's have a VERY Happy New Year!

Lease Property Update

Update on Leased Property Progress, November 14, 2023


By now, most of you have seen two things working independently down from the PRS/ BPCR ranges. This is a summary update so you will know what is happening currently.


First, Nelson Tree Services has been clearing around electric power lines on the 1217 acres of leased property and NEKFGA’s 300+ acres. This will continue until done. Estimated completion is likely mid-December.


Second, engineering plans were approved for bulldozer work building a Loop Road, trailhead, parking, and construction staging area below/left of the PRS/BPCR ranges. Twelve cabins will be placed at the staging area or by Herb Ross Road this week and next in advance of infrastructure being available. All areas below the PRS/BPCR ranges are closed to NEKFGA. 


Third, environmental impact studies are underway which may take several months. Once those reports are finalized, the next step is to post bids. This may take an additional two to three months to complete.


Fourth, Herb Ross Road construction will come up towards the club-house area. NEKFGA will remove, then move the existing gate to the clubhouse 2.6-acre location to clear the right of way for a 24-foot im-proved, road meeting county standards up to Long Shot Road. From that intersection, Long Shot Road will be widened to 18-feet to des-cend and loop in accordance with county requirements and plans for the valley. Herb Ross Road will be closed at times during road con-struction. A passage will remain open for limited traffic as needed. Tree removal and excavation will happen. Road passage will resume for NEKFGA and ongoing construction traffic once the road is done.


Fifth, the cabins above will be pre-positioned for placement once wa-ter, sewer, and power is available. Water may come from Herb Ross Road, sewer and power lines will likely come from Ellington Run. Part of the Loop Road may also be used for RV, pop-ups, tent camp sites.


Sixth, current PRS/ BPCR activities on a planned weekend basis may continue unimpeded if possible. Scheduled Sporting Dogs April 13-14, 2024, Boy Scout Weekend, Friday, April 26, Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, 2024, and NEKFGA Open House, Saturday, May 4, 2024 9am-3pm were introduced in this planning to be held as planned.


Seventh, on leased property by the clubhouse, we have two small buildings holding target frames, clay birds, electronic trap equipment, two hand trap throwers, and feeders. All this will need to be moved to property we own soon since this is within the Loop Road construction zone.


Eighth, PRS/BPCR equipment, CONEX boxes, rails, targets, and cover will be relocated when we have property where we can reconstruct and install all of it. Our long-standing policy is to not build anything permanent unless we own the property. That is well understood and accepted.


Ninth, the underlying principle is NEKFGA and EKLD will continue to work cooperatively towards our mutual interests with our many overlaps. New accomodations will be a bonus as NEKFGA holds regional and/or national events. Working together inevitably gets better outcomes for all. We will update you as we know more. Thank you for continuing your membership and your ongoing interest in keeping NEKFGA strong.


Carl Beatty, NEKFGA President and Board of Directors

Target Frame Idea

Need a target frame that is compact

and simple to make?

This may be just right for you.

target stand 1 crop

Check out this project from one of 

our members.

If you like it, head on over to Facebook 

and tell him.  

Facebook: Take Your Kids Shooting

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