Rumors, Lies and Hogwash

NEKFGA Rumors, Lies and Hog Wash

Thursday, October 6, 2022

First, Northeastern Kentucky Fish & Game Association, Inc. (NEKFGA) is not going to close. That rumor is a pure lie. There are apparently some who continue to throw out that piece of pure hog wash. Don’t believe it.

Second, a July 27, 2022 article gave some information about a project which is currently being worked on. This will entail a number of steps even to get started. It is likely our NEKFGA lease of 1220 acres will not be renewed. Our lease does expire in April 2023. In the meantime, PRS, BPCR and other activities are able to continue. The end of the lease is something which has always been a possibility.

Third, NEKFGA has property we own where we can and will re-locate activities that may be affected when and if the leased property is returned to its owner. Fourth, the NEKFGA Board of Directors is working diligently and positively to work through the details of what will develop. The rumor mill is not helping us to sort through that process. Be reassured the NEKFGA Board of Directors will provide information as appropriate when things become more set-tled and clear. In the meantime, we ask you to help keep rumors, lies and hog wash curbed.

Thanks for your ongoing support for NEKFGA. Carl Beatty, NEKFGA President